About Our Produce

Skyline Gardens grows fresh, hydroponic produce for the Casper area.  We harvest and deliver right to your door each week, year round.  We grow mostly lettuce, with kale, microgreens, and various culinary herbs also available at times.

Hydroponic farming is a way of growing produce without soil, indoors.  Because there is no soil, there are no weeds, and thus no need for herbicides.  Pesticide use can also be kept to a minimum due to the controlled environment.  The result is produce free of the chemical residue caused by the spraying necessary in both traditional and organic farming.  What’s more, because we can grow so close to our market year-round, the customer gets a much fresher product– delivered to their door just a few hours after harvest rather than days or weeks later.  The result of that is a much fresher, tastier product!  It’s also a great deal more healthy- as soon as the lettuce is cut, it starts losing nutrients as well as flavor.  We harvest our lettuce without cutting at all, leaving the root ball intact, meaning that our lettuce stays fresh in your fridge for two or three weeks typically.

And we emphasize that we are hyper-local.  We say that because the term “local” doesn’t mean all that much anymore– supermarkets will often use the term for produce that is grown up to 450 miles away.  But we are right here in Casper, right where our customers are.

We have kombucha, sourdough, yogurt, and homemade salad dressing also available!

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